Since 2020, we have maintained an uninterrupted Quality Management System. Through our high quality program, we have demonstrated a complete commitment and commitment to professionalism through our staff and the organization as a whole.

Quality assurance

Through quality management processes, we are able to analyze trends, apply best practices, and promote a culture of continuous improvement. We assure our clients of the exceptional security services and thus to the highest level of protection of their assets. In addition to our current Quality Management System (QMS) program, GRID Security Services Ltd has developed an electronic Quality Assurance System (eQA) system that allows clients to log in to an online website, which they can use to communicate directly with our QMS.

This integration level allows users to interact with GRID Security Services Ltd managers at an unprecedented level. With our designated Client Portal, users can participate in discussions, complete monthly, quarterly, or annual surveys, request new ones or change existing services, and produce memoranda for various departments. Ultimately, we gain a clear understanding of the needs of our customers, and ensure that they receive services that best fit their goals in the shortest possible time.

Health and Safety Work

GRID Security Services Ltd, Health and Safety profession provides ongoing training to all professional security personnel. This covers all areas of WHS and risk management, ensuring that they are kept up-to-date with changes in legislative requirements, new industry practices, and customer-specific needs. We believe that our safety managers play a very important role in providing clients with a stable and secure work environment.