GRID Security Services Ltd Integrated Services section may provide a list of services that add to the GRID Security product base. They work collaboratively to provide an integrated solution tailored to the needs of your organization, allowing for greater efficiency and greater corporate governance than is often associated with third-party providers.

GRID Security Services Ltd can provide many services that can be managed professionally by our team, and with a single point of contact. We are always close, and our consultants and inspectors provide you with any questions our customers may have.

Our list of services includes
The following:

  • Asset Management
  • Construction Jobs
  • Service Storage Resources
  • Fire Audit Services
  • Project management

To further improve our surveillance services, every vehicle we use is equipped with a Navman M-750 & M-800 GPS and transmission device, which allows real-time recording of patrol movements, on- and off-site times, and response times.

This information is relayed to our 24-hour national Operations Centre , Where our staff can work with our customers and our patrol vehicles — directing the latest on possible routes to the scene. Our tools also allow us to set points of interests, allowing our surveillance units to respond quickly to situations that are in the most important areas for our customers.

As a value-added service, clients were able to request regular reports of monitoring and response services, providing them with an accurate account of activity on their site. One-way GRID Security Services Ltd can ensure the high security of your site.